Spencer Michael Henze served a 2 year, full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Oaxaca, Mexico (pronounced wa-ha-ka). This is the week-by-week account of his service. Elder Henze returned with honor March 21, 2012.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Pictures from the Mexico Oaxaca Mission Christmas program!
Spencer was very involved with this production. He participated in a quintet (audio recording of their performance posted here) and he made the posters and flyers for it too!

Outdoor performance

Spencer's quintet! (He's on the right with his back somewhat facing us.)
The whole choir
Spence with some hermanas

Spencer's quintet! (he's on the right)

The official Christmas program of the Mission

This is the invitation Spencer made!! He has mad skills.

Do you see him? I do!
Ghost of Christmas Present

Scrooge & his ghosts

Mr. Scrooge gets a visit from the Missionaries!
Spencer's quintet! (He's on the right!)
Ghost of Christmas Past

Pow-wow with the Mission Prez.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day!

Sooo I know I just talked to you yesterday (family) so I'm just gonna just consider us updated up until that point. Or be it, last night!
So after getting off SKYPE (awesome) I went to church for about 5 minutes and listened to my buddy Elder Romero give a talk because the three wards combined for a "building" Christmas sacrament meeting and all the missionaries were there. Then just as he finished his talk he informed me that we needed to go get all the equipment for the performance we were going to do in the night time from a stake center that was kinda far away. From that point on it was pure craziness up until the performance. To make a long story short it was a total fiasco haha. Basically we performed in a plaza type place with a gazebo in the center and some fountains and stuff. Almost like a park but it turns out that all the power they had supplied to the plaza was wired to just one circuit. 120 Watts at just 40 Amps!! That's a total of 4,800 Watts of potential energy for the whole plaza. Our system alone requires about 2,400 W. And with everything else that they had plugged in out there the power just wasn't enough. During the entire performance we were frantically running around rearranging the load on the circuit but no matter what we did it overloaded. Everyone thought it was our fault which was kind of a bummer but it turned out alright. We were pretty close to the tiny audience so they could still hear without microphones.

So that was my adventure yesterday. Today we're throwing a little party for Elder Mota my companion because he was sad on Christmas for reasons I probly shouldn't go broadcasting. He's a way cool guy so mom and dad the help you sent to go out to eat we decided to use to buy stuff to do a barbecue and chill with some of the other elders from the zone before the changes tomorrow. It went a long ways and he seemed Way happy about it. When he came over to the house we were all at we shouted WE LOVE YOU ELDER MOTA! Like a surprise party :D it was perfect. We made some super delicious meat and baked potatoes and flour tortillas (his favorite) and some other stuffs :)

That's about it for this weeks update!! I love you guys!!! Oh, and HAPPY BOXING DAY!!! (Canada)

-Elder Henze

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Almost Christmas!

Merry Almost Christmas!!!
hey everybody just checkin in for the week! i don't have a whole lot of time becasue we have interviews with the Pres tomorrow and absolutely a TON to get ready. We've been trying to get all the reports and documents and information that we need for the zone in the area book but theres a ton and pres just told us yesterday that he is going to chek the area book tomorrow as part of the interview and it all needs to be there.
So anyways! this week was pretty slow to tell you the truth... We've been so busy doing little things during the time when everyone's home that when we are finally able to work all we have to do is knock doors which is officially the least effective method. This week we're going to focus on getting people to invite investigators and friends to the christmas program we've spent so much time practicing for. the performance in our stake is on sunday and failure is NOT an option. this program represents about 400 hours of cumulative invested proselyting time so its showtime.
I miss everyone so much! i wish i could be with you throughout this christmas season, and i am in spirit, but the good thing is that we have more to look forward to :D
Thank you for all your packages!! I got a whole bunch from you mom and dad!!! I was the most popular kid in the offices on tuesday. Also from Kendal and Clark and ALI!
And ali, all i've got to say is BOOYAH! NAILED IT!!!
Funny story for today,
so we were washin clothes in the house of this one member right, and her mom emerges from out of the back room and sits herself down and starts talkin to us about the end of the world.
she was especially excited about the topic because she recently had seen a very informative program about such things mixed and mingled with a bit of doctirne and recent discoveries about the myans.
According to her Jesus is going to come in the second coming in a... ready for this... SPACESHIP! Cool huh? George Lucas would be thrilled! She also said that Moses was taken away by aliens.
Just some prophecies for the future.
Hasta luego!
Elder Spencer Henze

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Special Changes

Sorry for not writing last week! well I did write but I didn`t send it
till today.
This week was pretty unusual. After a trip to the coast to check on
the missionaries out there, a very saddened president returned to the
city and immediately made a bunch of special changes in the mission. I
don`t know exactly what problems they found out there but they seem to
have been pretty serious. This directly effected my companion and I
because due to the special changes one of the elders from my zone went
out to Juchitán and left his companion ...companion-less. As the LZs
it has been our unique privilege to be the designated escorts of this
fine young elder. See he`s involved in the bigger theater program
we`re going to be putting on in a week or so and is in charge of putting
together the AV for the whole thing and needs to go to the offices
(which are not very close by) almost every day. we`ve had to
drop him off, pick him up host him in our house, etc. Long story short
we haven`t gotten to work hardly at all in our area due to that and
choir rehearsals in the morning twice a week until the afternoon. It´s
been a bit difficult to lead the zone and set the standard with our
numbers because of all this. And the appointments we do have time for
have all been falling through.
Even though this sounds like a very lousy situation I´m happy :) I
know that I'm doing what I need to do and that the Lord is happy with
me and that's all that matters.

I had a pretty cool experience on Sunday in our gospel principles
class. One of my favorite things to teach is the atonement of Jesus
Christ and I had the opportunity to teach a little bit about that. The
ward mission leader who is a fairly recently activated member touched
the subject in reference to the topic of obedience because of love,
but it was clear that he didn't understand very well what it is that
Christ experienced in the garden of Gethsemane. I shared some things
that I had learned about the atonement while on the mission to help
him and the other recent convert in the class to understand a little
better. As I was explaining some doctrines associated with this
crucial event and that no matter what happens to us Christ can
empathize perfectly and that through his atonement all injustices and
hardships will be made right I saw a change come over the guy and
could tell that the spirit was teaching him at that moment. I don't
think he'd ever realized those things before. Or at least those
particular details. The guy has had a very hard life and for the last
year or so has been bitter due to two stillborn children. I don't know
to what extent or what it was exactly that I said, but the spirit
testified to me that my testimony had strengthened the faith of that
brother and given him some measure of new-found hope. It was really
cool to experience. I love being able to be an authorized witness of
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Especially in this holiday time
because it seems like people listen and open their hearts a little
more than usual.

I hope we can all keep our perspective right this month and onward
striving always to keep the true spirit of Christmas in our hearts
because as President Thomas S. Monson taught from the pulpit last
night at the general Christmas devotional, the spirit of Christmas is
the spirit of love and the spirit of love is the spirit of God.

Have a great week!!!

E. Spencer Henze

Church Face Off (Nov21-27)

Happy holidays everyone!
How's it going?? Sorry for not writing on Monday. We only went to the
computer for a little bit and I ended up spending all the 30 minutes
trying to copy music and stuff I have onto a disc for my companion.
The computer was Super crappy.
So little by little I've been typing this up on my iPod in my spare
moments this past week so that I could have it ready to send whenever
I got a chance to connect to the Internet. Pretty clever eh? I thought

So this past week was pretty fun. All my fondly remembered experiences
with choir performances and using sound equipment and stuff were
brought back on Sunday during our mission choir performance on Sunday
in a park called "llano." that's funny because "llano" sounds like "ya
no" which in English basically means "not anymore." ...fun fact for
But ya it was really fun getting to work with sound equipment and
being able to sing again. My voice is kinda weak and got pretty
thrashed in the rehearsals but I was still able to sing in my quintet
:D it went pretty well. I'm going to try to attach a recording of the
quintet in this email so you can get an idea of what it sounded like.

So why the funky title? Turns out the place where we sang was right
smack in front of a catholic cathedral! Haha. Pretty much the most
ironic place for a choir of Mormon missionaries to perform. What's
even more funny is that they held a mass service while we were
performing and the priest or father or whatever they call him came out
in his fancy robes to give us dirty looks :) they were even ringing
the super loud bell. Quite humorous. It wasn't our plan to mess with
them; it just turns out that there was the only place in the park that
had steps that we could use as risers. It was really fun though and
turned out to be pretty cool. We're going to do it again this week so
it should be even better!
Well, other than that I'm doing great! It's cold here at night now. It
gets down to the 40's at night which is quite brisk for me having come
from the coast just recently. I sleep nice and cozy with my under
armor and two big blankets haha. The truth is that I'm loving the
weather. It makes it feel more like its really holiday time!
Oh btw Peterson family, your packages came today!!! I opened them but
I'm going to save the wrapped stuff for Christmas day! THANK YOU!!!
You Gus rock. The little treats in there saved my life today because I
was suuuper hungry.
Oh and before I finish here I just want to give a huge shout out to my
cousin Jacob because he's headed out on his mission!!! Good job man.
You're going to rock it out there! :D

Alright, that's all for this week. As always you guys are the best.
Thank you so much for your love and support.

-Elder Spencer Henze