Spencer Michael Henze served a 2 year, full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Oaxaca, Mexico (pronounced wa-ha-ka). This is the week-by-week account of his service. Elder Henze returned with honor March 21, 2012.

Monday, March 12, 2012

8 Days and Counting...

Wow, its kind of crazy to think that this is the second to last time that I will write you all from the mission...
Dang, I've gotta say the weirdness is starting to kick in. I read Dad's email that had almost to the hour when my release date is going to be and a picture of the temple color-in thingy and saw how many days I had left and well... might have cried a little bit.
It hit me really hard that these are the last few days I have left to be a set apart, full-time missionary here in Oaxaca.
I have really wanted to be teaching lots of people this week and just busting it out but turns out this week was kinda slow. José luis had to travel to another state to play in a soccer game so we couldn't teach him at all. And pretty much all of our other appointments fell through... That leaves just contacting, which I pretty much do not like at all. We've already contacted quite a bit with absolutely no success so that doesn't really make me want to do it anymore. But I guess it's a good test of my love for the people seeing as how I won't be able to baptize anyone new if it is that we were to find someone.
However! there is hope!
ok get this,
this week we've been focusing on a 10yr old girl who isn't baptized yet so that belongs to the mission. She hasn't been baptized because she was waiting until her bum dad to came to visit from the united states for the first time in 10 years before she would get baptized. We went over to her house and convinced her mom that that's redic and that she shouldn't deny her daughter blessings anymore by waiting for that fool to find a chance to break away from his second family to be able to buzz down here which I honestly doubt he will do anyway. SO tomorrow we are going over with the bishop to get everything set up for Saturday! booyah.
José Luis was going to get baptized on April 1st because that was when his [not] girlfriend was going to be able to come and he really wanted her to be there. Well we got in contact with the [not] girlfriend and told her "Fool, get down here this weekend yo!" and she was like, "ok." So I'm most likely going to get to baptize José Luis this Saturday!!!! Pray for him if you could so that he will be able to be ready!
well, i'm not going to lie. At this point in the mission I am on a roller coaster of emotions. Everything from being SUPER excited for what is to come with seeing everyone and working and making money again, to wanting to explode this last week and work till i'm blue in the face, to feeling exhausted and battling mission death, to being sad about the i'm going to leave behind here, to being stoked to have modern conveniences again and not have to battle like crazy to do simple stuff, to who knows what!!!
dizzy yet? I am.
Today something cool happened.
we played basketball as a zone this morning because zone basketball is awesome, and afterwards we headed over to the Violetas chappel to have a little cookout with the zone when they sent Elder Medina (who's leaving the same day as me) and I to the store just up the road. I knew what was up because I'm a detective and my comp knows that so he just told me what was up from the beginning, but Medina didn't. What am I talking about? HOLD ON! I'm getting to it.
Turns out that some the members of the ward Violetas were planning a surprize going away party for Elder Medina and I! 
So we go to Soriana (a grocery store) to give them a little time to set up, then we headed over to the church and when we got there, "SURPRIZE!!!!"
I was a little nervous because there was a clown there. Clowns freak me out in the first place but this time I was mostly afraid he was going to do something inappropriate. Turns out he kept it rated PG. Quite a relief because I didn't want to have to crash my own going away party!
I got my face painted too! Not usually a fan of that but they were super hero designs so...
Thanks for all your love, prayers, emails, and support! I love you all!
-Elder Spencer Henze
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