Spencer Michael Henze served a 2 year, full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Oaxaca, Mexico (pronounced wa-ha-ka). This is the week-by-week account of his service. Elder Henze returned with honor March 21, 2012.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Great & Abominable

Hey everyone!

As always thank you so much for all your emails! if I didn´t reply I´m way sorry. I simply didn´t have time. I guess thats a good problem to have cuz it means a lot of people wrote me this week so i´m way happy!

so this week has been a TON of work. My new companion is named Elder Tolentino and he´s pretty cool. he´s a hard worker. we worked like crazy this week and i felt kinda like the senior companion cuz i had to plan pretty much everything and lead all week cuz he was new to the area.
i´m glad I started paying attention to where everything was when I was with Elder Black. it definitely helped things go smoother. I still don´t know the area like I probably should but I was way lost most of the time when I was with Castellanos. I just kinda followed him around. but now things are much better.

so ya, we worked up a storm and contacted like crazy but didn´t have a whole lot of success. only 2 people let us in to teach them (which are the first two of the mission so i guess thats success) and we have 2 progressing investigators. we had to drop most of the ones me and castellanos had cuz they stopped progressing about 2 weeks before the change ended. nobody showed up to sacrament meeting either. not even half the members. know why? cuz it was raining. So just in case you were wondering if the mormon culture was only in the US, nope. I don´t wanna see what happens when they change church to 9:00! haha its funny.
so i was pretty depressed during church but through prayer I was able to regain hope and motivation for this next week. so i´m feeling pretty good now. our ward is still a mess without a bishop and everyone´s getting more and more lazy. they´re gonna call a new bishop during ward conference and i´m pretty sure I know who its gonna be cuz there´s only one guy in the ward who is bishop material. i feel kinda bad for the guy cuz he´s already been a mission president and a temple president. it´ll be nice to have order in the ward again.

so i´m way short on time but I jsut want to say thank you mom for the packages and everyone who contributed to them! the poster was super awesome! I about died laughing at it all! all the stuff in the packages were awesome! i´ts awesome to have some quick healthy snacks cuz we´re constantly on the run. and thank you Thane for the power bars! they rock!

we had a sweet experience contacting this week. a lady answered the door of one of the houses and we gave our approach and talking and there was a dude in the house who was helping her try to bash with us and eventually when he saw that we were owning her (with calmness) he himself came out.
he was a tall dude and was saying stuff like i´m sorry bro but your prophet joseph smith is a fake and there are no other books than the bible. the bible is it. blah blah blah. the bible is my life. so we showed him a couple scriptures in Isaiah and Ezekiel where it talks about the Book of Mormon, explained what it was and where it came from and pretty much taught the whole lesson 1 right there.
his attitude went from defensive and almost violent to being filled with the spirit. it was so cool to see. It reminded me of a mini version of the King Lamoni story. at the end he was way interested and said our message had touched his heart.

I think this kind of thing would happen a lot more if the people here were actually looking for truth and not to associate themselves with the church of popularity and convenience. its sad that so many people are so fooled by the Great & Abomin... Church.
Its the biggest joke ever when the people say no I´ll never change my religion my parents were catholic and their parents and so on and that they´ll never change for anything. its a joke because if they knew some history they would know that the only reason the catholic church has anything to do with mexico is because the spanish conquered mexico and forced everyone to be catholic. if they didn´t accept Catholicism they were killed.
now if thats not a characteristic of the true church of Jesus Christ I don´t know what is. cus christ went around killing everyone who rejected him right? oh wait... actually thats kinda the oposite of the nature of Christ. haha.
also here in mexico the spanards changed things about the catholic church to adapt to the pegan customs of idols and stuff of the people they conquered to make it more convenient for them to change. its not even the same catholic church that is centered in rome... straight up apostacy.
its quite funny to see people so faithful to something like that. I can see why they are though. its a very easy religion. you can do whatever you want and if you decide to repent you just tell some dude in a funky booth what you did and he says you´re forgiven. just like that. sounds good to me! haha. so there´s my rant on that.
but ya, that guy was very receptive to the spirit and i really wish he wasn't just visiting that house so that we could teach him. he lives in another part of the city so that was a bummer, but the work is the same. I know someday he´ll get baptized and thats what matters.

alright well i´m way out of time! I love you all and will talk to you later!

Elder Spencer Henze