Spencer Michael Henze served a 2 year, full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Oaxaca, Mexico (pronounced wa-ha-ka). This is the week-by-week account of his service. Elder Henze returned with honor March 21, 2012.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Holy cow I just realized this is my christmas email to you all! cooooool :) so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!! haha. I´m sending out a few christmas cards this week but they´ll probably get there around february... Its the thought that counts right? the reason they´re so late is because we had zone conference wednesday and thats when they gave them to us so i´ve been writing and getting them ready to send as fast as possible.
so ya, this week has been pretty good. monday we started out the week with me chillin with the zone leaders (which is where i think I left off with the last letter) then that evening after writing you all we went down to the street to the mall thats in their area and ate Chinese food!!! it was kinda like a panda express type of thing which was awesome because I love panda express. then we went over to the temple and helped set up for the activity. I felt cool cuz the only other people there were the prez and his wife, the APs, Zone Leaders, and the people from the offices. and me :) so i felt legit for a little bit. we set up about a thousand chairs and some food action for the choir from the mormon high school from mexico city that was going to come sing, then my ¨kid¨ showed up! thats what they call the comps you train. its kinda dumb but thats how it is. so ya, he showed up in a green tie (hehe) and the first thing we did together was we were given invitations to go hand out at the grocery store right down the street. so we got to do our first contacting! it went well but the poor dude was nervous. so then the program started and it went well but when we sang the sound and lights guys were still testing stuff so it was kind of a joke. oh well. the other choir did well though. afterwards we got all my comps stuff and cruised back to the house in a taxi where I had a super conversation with the driver.
anyway the rest of the week went well. I didn´t really know what I was doing, especially the first couple days, but now I feel like I´ve got a little bit more of a handle on things. there is soooo much more to think about and remember being a senior comp. holy cow. especially as a trainer because I dont have much help from my comp cuz he doesn´t know anything. even though he thinks he knows everything. haha. its fun. I´ve definitely made a lot of mistakes this week with over-planning things, not thinking through some things as thoroughly as I should have, and just dumb little things like that but I´m getting better. on top of having to do all that I have to do it all in spanish which adds a little extra challenge in there. and trying to interpret directions to references has been tough too. they´re always so vague and they never know the street names. its ok though. it just gives us an excuse to have them come with us when we contact them.
my comp though is suuuuper green. its pretty entertaining. I feel kinda bad for him but he´s smart and he´s learning fast. he likes to teach random super deep doctrines in the first lesson with someone and ask and answer rhetorical questions while he teaches, but he´s getting better.
then wednesday was zone conference! it was sick! first we had our training from the prez but then we had like a game day! super fun. I´ve officially lost my running muscles just walking everywhere. I was made aware of that as I attempted to sprint around. afterwards we had a dinner thing with turkey, mashed potatoes (which are very rare here), bread, and spaghetti. and chocolate cake for dinner. yummmm! then this weekend we had two choir performances in different stake centers. one on saturday and one yesterday (sunday). my solo went really well the second time. the first time was alright, but ya. so that pretty much takes us to today!
the work is going good. we still haven´t baptized Hugo because of his eye but they operated on it on friday so we re set the date with him for this sunday and he happily accepted! other than that just findin and teachin.
well I´ve gotta go, but I love you all and hope you have a very merry christmas!!!! and a happy new year too!!!
Elder Spencer Henze