Spencer Michael Henze served a 2 year, full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Oaxaca, Mexico (pronounced wa-ha-ka). This is the week-by-week account of his service. Elder Henze returned with honor March 21, 2012.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 6 already!

once again I sit to write the world about my little adventure here in Oaxaca. haha. I´m so glad so many of you are actually reading this and that you care whats going on with me out here! (tear) :,) Thank yoU! World peace! haha. for those of you who don´t get that world peace thing don´t worrry about it...
SO dang this past week was a BUSY one! No Manches! (thats how mexicans say like... "no way") tuesday we spent getting stuff ready to take the booyah trip to the big city of Oaxaca for the ZL conference and I washed my clothes for the week. Exciting right?! NO! I washed so much that my knuckles started to bleed! no lie. I´d send you pics but they´ve already healed for the most part.
The adventure began at the very first moment... this is gonna be worth it so just keep readin!
K, so we pull up to the bus station in a personal taxi with our little suitcase and effects and I start standing in line to claim the tickets the assistants bought us.
after about 5 minutes of waiting pleasantly in line the phone rings...

Me: "Bueno?" (the rest will be translated)

DL Cuellar: "hey do you have the number of a cardiologist? my companion is dying of a heart problem!"

Me: "Uuuuum... WHAT?!! well, no thats not one of the types of doctors we have on file and we don´t even have that list with us right now but i´ll find one."

LD Cuellar: "ok."

so then I go running over to my companion like "dude where are we gonna find a cardiologist???" of course he didn´t know so i told him to just go wait in line while I figured it out. after making a couple phone calls I was about to call an ambulance when I call Cuellar back to see how his companion was doing. thats when he informed me that the problem happened the night before and that ther was no emergency. he just wanted to go to the heart doctor to find out what happened. Well I was relieved but kind of mad at the same time cuz he made me freak out and lose my spot in line.

back to the line

I join my comp in line again and see that two ladies that were behind me originally had advanced themselves into the in front position with respect to ours. (they cruised on in front of us) obviously with no thought of maybe returning our original place in line to us. courtesy like that does not exist here. 
basically they both took about 10 minutes each fighting with the ONE attendant they had out of the 4 stations that are there (walmart style) about knocking like a dollar off their price.

--the assistant told us the bus was to leave at 12:35 pm. We got in line at 12:12 pm. ...plenty of time right?
--during this a 12:25pm bus is loading and preparing for departure

NOW, the ladies finally finished up their small scenes at approximately 12:30pm.

We´re now at the window and we tell the señorita that we needed to claim our tickets. we give her the number and she pulls up the information. All of a sudden her expression drops to one of worry and fear. we´re like... "what...?" she then tells us, "guys that´s your bus!" (the one backing up off the lot) and we´re like, "no, we´re going on the 12:35 pm bus. " and she said, "that bus doesn´t exist!" "that´s the last bus until tomorrow!" "why didn´t you tell me?" i was like... "I didn´t know i was allowed to just cruize up and interrupt like that and we didn´t even know tha was our bus!" so she tried to radio for the bus to stop but the gate guy was scratching his butt hungover from the night before and didn´t answer it so she told us she´d call ahead to Tehuantepec (like 30 minutes away) where it was going to stop before heading to Oaxaca and she´d tell them to wait for us and we could take a taxi over there. So without other options, thats what we did.
$100 pesos and a startled cab driver later we arrive at tehuantepec just before the bus. we got our stuff in the cargo hold and got on the bus and all the people who had just seen us in the station in Salina Cruz were kinda freaked out surely asking themselves "what the heck are they doing here?" "weren´t they Just in Salinas?" YES! but turns out we have mastered the art of teleporting.
so ya, with that the journey commenced.
The conference was lovely. I also got my visa renewed finally. it was a good time. I got to eat at Subway too!! it costd a whopping $100 pesos but it was delicious.
since we got back at 4:00am friday morning its been all crazy trying to get all the paperwork in from October (and some other months the previous ZLs missed somehow)
so this is that las week of the change! it went by way fast. I´m not sure whats going to happen with the changes but they´re going to open Morro which sucks for me becuase thats where all our work was at... but oh well. Mario needs help out there.
Speaking of Morro we went out there this morning on a sick beach to watch the sun rise! yep, you heard right! we watched the sun rise over the PACIFIC ocean! thats just how magical this place is haha. I´ll attach some pics :) we also played in the dunes. booyah.
anyways, this has turnd quite long. Thanks for reading!!! I love you all very much and as always, THANK YOU for your incredible support :)

Elder Spencer Henze