Spencer Michael Henze served a 2 year, full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Oaxaca, Mexico (pronounced wa-ha-ka). This is the week-by-week account of his service. Elder Henze returned with honor March 21, 2012.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

lay down on your carpet in your air conditioned house

Supskis??? just droppin by with the report from good ol Oaxaca Mexico. its been a good week. not too much in the way of success but we´re working hard and thats all that matters. (i have to tell myself that every day trying to fight being discouraged) HOWEVER, looks like we´re gonna see another baptism on the 30! heck yes! yes, its Irma. you might be thinking ¨um... we already knew she was going to get baptized from your last letter.¨ well ya, but a lot of times crap happens and they don´t end up following through with it. BUT, she´s already got her interview done and everything!!! she´s pumped. I think i´m even more pumped though. so that´ll be 2 for this transfer and 3 in total. I think i´m gonna get to perform the ordinance too so that´ll another booyah. hopefully this time I get it right the first time :)

So, a funny story that happened this week while contacting was that we hiked up this trail thing to this ...dwelling and shouted ¨buenas tardes!!¨ and a lady came to the ¨door¨ and had a unique attitude. i don´t quite know how to explain it but it was like an adult with the mentality of a 10 yr old but only because she was an indigenous person who barely spoke Spanish and didn´t know anything about the culture of normal people so ya, she was kinda seeming scared of us a bit and a little irritated. i dont know... anyways we started talking to her and after some small talk we started talking about religion and Elder Tolentino started with his lesson 2 ¨teaser¨ which consists of questions like ¨have you ever wondered where you lived before this life? or why you´re here? or where you´re gonna go after you die?¨ well the answer to the first two were ¨...no¨ and the answer to the third was said with a slightly hopeless/whyd you have to bring that up type of tone. her words were: ¨well we all go to hell no?¨ I almost couldn´t keep myself from laughing out loud. i don´t know, this is probably one of those ¨you had to be there¨ stories but i was definitely not expecting that. it was great :)

in other news, the pintor family finally came to church this week!!! remember them? can you believe it? I was pumped. they always say ¨they´ll try¨ but this time they actually came! now all they need to do is find a way to get back to the united states to get married again... haha.
well like the subject line of this email says, this is the beginning of week six of the change. that means most likely i´ll be packin´my bags and heading for a new area. i don´t know if i´m excited or scared to be honest... i´ve gotten somewhat comfortable here and we just barely got a bishop yesterday. the dude´s cool too. he´s been a mission prez, temple prez, and bishop before. so he knows his stuff. I kind of feel bad for the poor guy that he has to serve more but he accepted the calling like a champ even though he´s got to be like 80 and has a ton of work to do to clean up the ward. a life of service...

alrighty, well thats about all i´ve got time for today. thank you all for the messages and letters you´ve sent me! and the packages! I absolutely love them. mom, the apples were super awesome but unfortunately a bit rotten but its the thought that counts! the candy has been terrific though. I had a good time with the nerd costume too as you´ll soon see in pics and a couple videos :) oh also if you would all do me a favor and lay down on your carpet in your air conditioned house for a few minutes in my behalf. those things don´t exist here...
until next week,

Elder Spencer Henze

ps. attached are some pics. the first is from the baptism last week. the others are some samples of my nerd costume

*You guys know the drill! Click the pics to see them larger! - Jamie*