Spencer Michael Henze served a 2 year, full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Oaxaca, Mexico (pronounced wa-ha-ka). This is the week-by-week account of his service. Elder Henze returned with honor March 21, 2012.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


hey y´all!
Thank you for always remembering to write me! its pretty crazy how fast the time has gone by. there´s lots of days and weeks and months that seem to drag on and on but then there's others like this week that just flew by! me and elder Martínez have been crankin it out over here and making some good progress. I finally think i´m out of my frantic stage of not knowing how to do anything and having to worry about training a noob and feeling super responsible for the lack of success we were seeing and all that. I took a few minutes to reflect and ponder on the small successes we have seen (which are MANY) and most importantly analyzing how this training experience went and how I did personally with the whole situation and I can honestly say I am happy with how it went. its true that at the beginning especially, but through most of the experience, I was just working blindly putting my faith in the Lord and doing my best but still stressed and worried, but the important thing and what stands out most in my mind is how I worked hard and gave it my best shot. I made a LOT of stupid little mistakes but i´ve been trying hard and giving it my best and I can just feel that the Lord is pleased with my progress personally and with the few things I was able to teach to my ¨kid¨ even though we haven´t baptized yet. there is SOO much more to this work than just performing baptisms. I know that if the next missionaries who follow in this area do their job, our efforts will have helped at least 10 people prepare for their baptisms. I don´t know when they´ll happen, but i know someday they will because we´ve planted some firm seeds. its a long process for a lot of people and I most likely won´t get to see them take that step, but because we did our job they soon will have the blessings that come with baptism and living the gospel. that brings me a deep peace and happiness and that is why I know our effort here has not been wasted. I helped my ¨kid¨ learn to be obedient and rely on the lord even when the other elders in the house are baptizing almost every week and get up at about 9ish-10 and leave just before the food appointment and are doing lots of other stupid stuff. its tough but we´ve been firm and haven't baptized in 2 changes almost. I know that even though it appears that they´re doing better, there's a lot more to the mission than just dunkin´ people in the water. we´re not just converting the people we´re teaching. we´re also working to fully convert ourselves. That's the part many don´t understand. my companion and I have become good friends and have a good relationship and that there's a success in itself seeing as how he is the exact opposite of me. so ya,things are going good.

good news! the family we´ve been helping for over a month now finally came to church this week!!!! we had a total of 8 investigators in church this week!!! truly an answer to my prayers. we´ve been trying so hard to get people to come to church and for many like this family its the only preparation standing between them and the waters of baptism. its heartbreaking when after so much effort they don´t come but it was sooo awesome to have them there!!!! know what that means?? that means its still possible for me to be able to see them get baptized this change!!!! if they go to church for the next two Sundays and of course accept the invitation to be baptized, I can see them take that step! there's also another guy who if he goes to church the next two weeks can get baptized too! I have faith that they will and that after all this blood, sweat, and tears, God in his mercy is going to bless me with the opportunity to see them get baptized. But even if not, I´ll still be satisfied with my work here in Antequera. so ya, things are good :)

attached are some pics of some recent occurrences

as always thank you for all your love and support!

Elder Spencer Henze