Spencer Michael Henze served a 2 year, full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Oaxaca, Mexico (pronounced wa-ha-ka). This is the week-by-week account of his service. Elder Henze returned with honor March 21, 2012.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Beginnings

HOLA mi familia amada!
how is everyone? for next week of course because I know that everyone is doing pretty good this week thanks to all your emails!
I´m doing well. This week has been a week of new beginnings. we have decided to clear the field of play and focus our efforts on finding new people who are going to progress! we´ve still got a couple of good investigators that we´ve been working with for a couple weeks like sujey and isabel and the family of a guy named Carlos who are just special cases but are progressing well who we´re going to keep, but the others who have just transformed into time and energy drainers we´re leaving. It feels good even though It means more work for us. It really is a drain having to deal with useless problems day in and day out when the person won´t do what they need to do. there comes a point where you just can´t do anything else for them and its all up to them to decide. It feels like coming out of a deep muddy hole and taking a shower. I have hope for these last few weeks of the change. the people here in Ocotlan are really closed and stuck to their traditions beyond logic and reason but i know there are some who are ready and that if we just do our part to find them.
We found one, I believe, on Tuesday! one of our best investigators (Omar) agreed to come to the branch activity on Tuesday night and brought his friend Luiz! We taught them a ballin lesson about the Book of Mormon and they both are way interested. it was soooo cool. we also found an inactive lady who works in a suuuuper fancy house (pics attached) who we´re working to reactivate.
we went to the gym this week to do some extra exercise and i way overdid it. I´m still super sore and do not have full range of motion in my elbow joints due to a cramp-like sensation that has lasted all week! I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity because it doesn´t come often and i killed myself haha! its made this week extra challenging because it hurts everywhere but I didn´t let it get in the way of the work.
lets see, what else do we have for exciting news...
me and my comp discovered that its real cheap to get our shirts custom fit out here! I took a couple and they fit good! They were pretty boxy and its always been slightly irritating for me because its all I wear but they fit good now. he only charges us $2 (dollars) a shirt! I think i´m going to take a couple more this week and just not get them quite so tight. so thats kinda exciting i guess... :D
Also I just want to announce to everyone that I have lost 12 lbs. since I left home. I now weigh 158 lbs. the only sad part about that is that it was all muscle mass... but its a good thing because the last time i weighed myself (about 3 months ago) I had almost gained back the lost mass in good ol´ Oaxaca grease. (mission fat) and now most of thats gone thanks to healthy eating habits and Herbalife! haha. I think its funny i´m actually eating that stuff cuz i always made fun of it before. ...still do actually. haha :)

alright, thats all for today. thanks again for your messages and love and prayers and support and awesomeness and everything else! you all are still awesome! :D

Elder Spencer Henze


fancy house inside

Chicatana. these bad boys were all over the streets this week fallin from the sky like hail! ...not quite, but there were a ton that fell out of the sky due to the rain and were all over the streets. also my first meal here in Oaxaca was served with a salsa that was made out of these bad boys. ...YUM! :D